Welcome to the School of Philosophy

Our primary aim is to provide a systematic study and practical guidance for men and women wishing to embark on the journey towards Self-development and the growth of wisdom.

The School's curriculum is inspired by the world's great universal teachings. Particular emphasis is given to the philosophy of the unity of the Self, the works of Plato, his Florentine follower Ficino, Emerson and others who speak of discovering an underlying unity and joy in all things.

The School of  Philosophy is staffed and cared for by its own students on a purely voluntary basis, without remuneration. Its tutors are all students of the school who have studied their subject for many years.

In addition to presenting "Practical" Philosophy to the community, students have taken the universal principles presented and, through study and devotion, applied them to the disciplines of Economics, Law, Calligraphy, Education, Art, Science, Music, and others. The results have led to a wealth of great beauty, creativity, and understanding. Public lectures and concerts are some of the ways the students and the School have so far been able to share with the community the benefits they have received.

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