This 10-Session program "An introduction to practical philosophy""  is designed as a model for pursuing answers to questions such as, Who am I?  How can I realize my true potential?  How can I live more purposefully?   The program shows that these questions are not only of passing theoretical interest, but form part of an effective strategy for living.  The result is happiness,  freedom,  and success.

It draws from great eastern and western streams of understanding,  and introduces powerful principles in a way that can be immediately applied to the situations all of us face.

The topics explored: 

Week 1:  "The wisdom within":  An introduction to the course as a whole,  an exercise to begin to cultivate a calm mind and awaken the senses.

Week 2: "Know Thyself":  Self-discovery.  Self-knowledge.  Who or what am I?   What is my potential in living?  How may I realise that potential?

Week 3: "Being awake":  Different levels of awareness; What is our usual state of awareness?  Are there greater levels of awareness?  If so, how may we gain access to them?

Week 4: "Attending to the present moment":  Living in the present moment,  the now.  What is the potential of the present moment?  We will consider the power of attention to connect with the present moment.

Week 5: "Living justly":  What is justice and injustice?   What does it mean to live justly?   In particular we will consider what Plato has to say on this subject.

Week 6: "The three-fold energy":  
How to understand and use energy well.

Week 7: " The light of reason":  We will consider two practical frameworks for reason and  how reason enriches our lives.

Week 8: "The power of beauty":  What is beauty? What is its purpose?  Where does it come from?  

Week 9: " Unity in diversity":  How to see the unity in diversity, the common thread of life.

Week 10: "The desire for truth":  How the desire for truth shows itself.  How it may be satisfied.

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